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Interactive Applications

Explore by doing!
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Game Demo for LUMINOUS

This is a demo of a game I designed for my GAME Minor. This demo showcases the core mechanic of my concept: using the lantern to explore the dark environment. Click the button to try it yourself!

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Interactive Pokémon Data Visualisation

In this data visualisation you can compare Pokémon stats. The page consists of three interactive visualisations, of which I made the middle one. This page is the result of the first experience me and two fellow students had with using the D3.js library for visualising data.

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This is a simple game made with the Unity game engine. It was the first game I designed and programmed using Unity. The goal is simple, you have to avoid the obstacles coming down the screen. You can pick up items that boost your speed. Use the arrow keys or ASDW on your keyboard. Only works if your web browser supports WebGL.

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Interactive Video

This is the first project I did on the University of Twente. We had to make an interactive video using Ximpel, some kind of xml based coding library that enabled you to make interactive videos. For this project, I did all the coding and figuring out how Ximpel works. This is our result!