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My game concept. A 10-week project for 25 students.

What is Luminous?

Luminous is a game that fellow students and I created in our GAME minor. The concept was all mine, and we worked on it for 10 weeks with 25 students.
On this page, the most important assets I created are showcased!

Concept art for one of the main protagonists, Nimu.
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The concept of Luminous

In the GAME minor, each student got the chance to pitch their game idea to the other students. Luminous is one of the two game ideas that got chosen, so I was thrilled to be the concept's owner!
Luminous is a 3D action/platformer game about 12-year-old Stoya that ends up in a magical, murky forest, where the only source of light are the luminous flora and fauna. She needs to find her way out of the woods, but it's too dangerous to go alone. Luckily, she finds a friendly critter that wants to help her out! He is a Nimuracu who calls himself Nimu, a lizard with a glowing tail, that needs to find his way back to his home, deep in the forest. Together with Nimu, Stoya can explore the darkness, and with the use of Nimu's tail and Lumino attacks, they are capable of protecting themselves from the evil dark spirits that reside in the forest...
To play the demo I created to showcase my concept, you can click the link below!

Some of my concept sketches


Once the concept was clearly communicated with our Game Design team, I joined the Art team, while keeping a steady connection with the Game and Level Design teams to stay on the same page.
While working on Luminous, I got to make character designs, 3D models, foliage and other assets that were to be used in the game.
To get an idea of the development of this project, click the button below! You will be redirected to an instagram page on which some of the progress was shared.

Atmosphere of the game

In this short video, the foliage and lighting conditions are showcased to give an impression of the atmosphere in the game. You can even see my Lumino puddle in the middle!

In this second atmosphere showcase, the logo is well visible.

The creation of Nimu
(the pinnacle of Luminous)

One of the most important assets that I created was the character Nimu. This little lizard guy has glowing features, and he stores the Lumino responsible for the glowing in his neck pouch. The Lumino is stored in a liquid form, and Nimu can blast a stream of the substance to attack enemies. The Nimu's tail, as well as the size of its neck pouch, indicates how much Lumino is left.

Open the application in a new tab


The animations I created for the game were mainly creature animations. Below, the most important ones are shown in GIF form.