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Announcements and updates.

Finished my Creative Technology bachelor

July 10th 2018

I am proud to say that after three years, I finished my bachelor Creative Technology at the University of Twente. I've learned a lot in those three years, but maybe the most important thing I learned was that doing research on a university is not for me. During my minor, I have learned that making games is what I love most, and it gave me insight into the fact that I love being able to have creative freedom in designing concepts. If I can find myself a job as a game developer (character artist, 3D artist, Unity developer, game designer), I'll be the happiest man alive, doing what he loves.

GAME minor.

September 13th 2017

I've made a new page under the portfolio tab that will be containing all content I will be creating during my minor!

A little background info: I'm in my 3rd year of university, and the first semester of this year will be spent following a minor course. I chose to do mine at the HAN, because they offered the GAME minor, or officially Create A High End Video Game. During this minor I will be creating content for hypothetical and to-be games. In the following weeks we will be learning about creating content for games and getting used to workspaces like Maya and Unity (lucky me, I've already worked with those!). The second half of this semester will be spent making a video game together with about two dozen other students. The whole fun is that we can make up ourselves whatever we want to make. The ideas are coming forth, and I might just have a really cool idea myself I would like to pitch in a few weeks... I'm hoping my idea will be liked, and if not, I hope I can find myself in ideas other students have come up with.

The goal of doing this minor, for me, is finding out whether I like creating content for video games and finding out which aspects attract me most. I hope I'll get a good feel for it, because I will base my choice for a (possible) master on whether I liked the minor in the end.

Applications page!

June 11th 2017

I've added a page that features some of the applications that I've made, whether it be games, data visualisations or other apps. It can be found in under the PORTFOLIO tab. You can try out these applications yourself by clicking 'OPEN', it will open the application in a new tab in your browser.

New website!

May 8th 2017

Welcome to my new website! On this site I showcase my PORTFOLIO, and you can learn more about who I am and what I do on the ABOUT page.

On this page I will be posting updates and announcements, so you will be held up to date about my work!

I'll explain a bit about why I chose to create a new website (I had a different website before!).

The main reason for me to start over was that I made everything of my previous website myself. This was obviously satisfying, as I'd made everything myself and that felt good. I had control, and I (thought I) wasn't limited to what I could do because of website creator tools. Sadly, the effort it cost me to add in new blog posts or portfolio entries, or change anything really, was starting to cause me to procrastinate working on my portfolio. I decided to start again, from the bottom, take a critical look at what I want to show with my portfolio and website, and use a website building tool to help me with the layout of things. This way I can focus on what I want to show and the general content of my website, in stead of how I'm going to get content on my website. I'm happy with this new look, and I hope you like it too!

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send me a message by filling in the form on the bottom of the page, or click CONTACT in the menu!